Karin Shanahan

Merck & Co., Inc.

Senior Vice President, Global Biologics and Sterile Operations

Karin Shanahan is Senior Vice President, Global Biologics and Sterile Operations, Merck & Co., Inc, where she oversees the end-to-end supply chain for biologics.

She began her career in the pharmaceutical industry at Bristol-Myers Squibb in its corporate Global Procurement organization before moving into Global Supply Chain and then Operations, leading two manufacturing sites in Massachusetts and Italy. Shortly after moving back to the US, she joined Becton Dickinson and Catalent Pharmaceuticals before joining Teva Pharmaceutical, where she led a network of 25 sites in Canada, the US, Latin America, and Europe. She later became COO of Global Operations, Teva, before joining Merck in her current capacity.

She graduated from Rutgers University with a BA in Political Science International Relations and earned a certification in Business German. She is now pursuing a Master's in Pharmaceutical & Device Law at Seton Hall University.