Private Equity's Expanding Role in the BioPharma Industry: Its Impact on the Pharma Customer–Supplier Relationship

Date/Time: Tuesday, March 24, 2020 - 10:30 AM to 12:00 PM
Location: InterContinental Barclay - Grand Ballroom


Sponsored by: PharmaBioSource

Private-equity (PE) firms have been increasing their ownership of businesses across all sectors of the economy, which amounted to nearly $850 billion in 1,700 companies, according to recent estimates. These investments include the biopharmaceutical/pharmaceutical industry with funding for both drug companies and contract service providers and suppliers.  

This influx of funding has important implications. Direct PE investment in biopharma companies and products has been growing in recent years and may reshape the biopharma industry. The investments include long-established companies with large portfolios and increasingly, much riskier entities with portfolios of development candidates. At the same time, PE funding continues to flow into the CDMO/CMO sector as a means to fund expansion and operations. 

Gain invaluable insight into the opportunities and challenges presented by growing PE-ownership in the industry and its impact on the pharma customer–supplier relationship. This program will provide an in-depth analysis of the financing levels, trends, and deal-making by PE firms and what it means for the development and commercialization strategies of PE-owned biopharma companies and the operations and management of PE-owned CDMOs/CMOs.

This program will provide in-depth market analysis and first-hand experience to address these all-important questions:

Biopharma companies:

  • What are the ways in which PE firms are investing in biopharma companies?
  • How is PE funding changing the development and commercialization strategies of established and emerging pharma companies?
  • What are the business models, exit pathways, and expected future involvement of PE firms in biopharma companies and what is the impact on partnering strategies?


  • To what extent does ownership structure influence a sponsor company’s selection of a CDMO/CMO?
  • How do sponsor companies view ownership structure on supplier governance and project management? What specialized considerations come into play?


Private Equity in Biopharma Companies and CDMOs: A Transactional Perspective

Gain an understanding of the extent of PE investment in the biopharma industry through a data-rich review of recent PE-based acquisitions, divestitures and other investments in biopharma companies and CDMOs. This presentation will examine recent transactions, breakdown by sub-sector, the number of deals, total value of deals, major transactions, valuations, and holding periods.


  • Brian Doyle, Managing Director and Partner, William Blair and Company
  • John Sonnier, Managing Director, William Blair and Company
Private Equity in Biopharma and CDMO/CMOs: A Strategic Perspective

Gain valuable business intelligence on the implications of PE investment in biopharma companies and CDMOs. Leading strategy consultants offer their insights on the major participants, the key trends shaping current and future PE involvement in biopharma companies and CDMOs and the impact on development and commercialization strategies.


Panel Discussion: PE-Funded Biopharma Companies and CDMOs/CMOS: The Impact on Operations and Management

Get first-hand knowledge of the business impact on operations and management of PE-funded biopharma companies and CDMOs/CMOs. For biopharma companies, gain insight into the decision-making of PE firms in evaluating risk (e.g. clinical risk, drug pricing, and product competition) and the effect on development and commercialization strategies. For CDMOs/CMOs, gain perspectives from pharmaceutical companies on how ownership structures influence sponsor companies’ selection of CDMOs/CMOs and supplier relationship management.


Who Should Attend

  • C-suite and senior to mid-level executives of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies, including those with functional responsibility in sourcing, procurement, supply management and manufacturing
  • C-suite and senior to mid-level executives of CDMOs, CMOs and suppliers, including those engaged in business development, sales, marketing and operational functions in support of biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical development and manufacturing

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