Member Company Announcement Forum

Presentation Criteria

Presenter: The presenter must be a senior executive of a registered DCAT member company in corporate management or operations related to the announcement. The presentation may not be made by marketing, sales, business development, or communication professionals.    

Presentation: The presentation must be a recent (2021) key strategic development in the following areas:

  • Key corporate strategic developments for 2021
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), including post-M&A integration
  • Significant manufacturing expansions, including updated timelines for completion and launch

Note that announcements prior to January 2021, must include updated timelines for completion or in the case of M&A announcements, updates of post-M&A integration. 

Presentations must:

  • Be informative and factual, akin to an investor presentation, not a marketing or client presentation. Marketing-based presentations will not be accepted.
  • Be specific as to the news development; for example, manufacturing investments should provide amount of the investment (dollar amount and/or amount of capacity addition).
  • Lead with the news development. The audience is well-informed and knowledgeable about companies, so it is interested in the news development not a listing of company capabilities. Explain the strategic rationale for the news development to provide context. 
  • Be no longer than 10 minutes.

Examples of presentations that will not be considered:

  • New product announcement
  • Progression of a drug candidate or a drug-development program
  • Overview and/or trends of a specific market
  • Partnering or supply pacts between companies if no further news, such as co-investment or acquisition of a manufacturing facility, is part of the announcement
  • Mergers and acquisitions/expansion prior to January 2021 that does not include updated timelines
  • Internal company reorganization

Please note that selected companies will be responsible for pre-recording their video announcement after their slide presentation is reviewed by the DCAT Member Announcement Forum Oversight Task Force. The pre-recorded video will be due June 21, 2021.  The videos will be posted only be assessable to DCAT member company representatives from July 12, 2021 through July 31, 2021.  

Application notification process: The DCAT Member Company Announcement Oversight Task Force will review applications to evaluate whether a given news announcement will receive podium time. Applicants will be notified by May 3, 2021 by the DCAT staff liaison for the Forum, Erin Sanders, Sr. Communications & Technology Specialist, +1-609-208-1888, ext. 7001, or


Questions? Contact Erin Sanders, Sr. Communications & Technology Specialist, +1-609-208-1888, ext. 7001, or