Annual Dinner Transportation

Annual Dinner Transportation

Transportation to the New York Hilton via shuttle bus will be easily accessible from all Official DCAT Week Hotels. 

4:45 PM through 6:25 PM

9:30 PM through 12:30 AM

Transportation TO the New York Hilton

DCAT’s private shuttle buses to the dinner event will begin boarding at 4:45 PM at each pick-up location and will run on a continuous loop. The last pick-up will be at 6:25 PM. There will be a DCAT bus attendant at each location, and each shuttle bus will have DCAT signage in the front window. Please note, shuttle bus transportation from Midtown hotels could take up to 25 minutes during heavy traffic times.

If you are planning to walk to the New York Hilton from Midtown hotels, please allow 20 minutes to get there.

If you are only attending the post-dinner hospitality events, we suggest walking or taxi service as entry to the post-dinner hospitality suites will not be permitted until the Annual Dinner concludes at approximately 9:30 PM. 

Pick-Up Locations
  • InterContinental Barclay: East 48th Street entrance
  • The Benjamin Hotel: East 50th Street entrance
  • Lotte NY Palace: East 51st Street entrance (Pomme Restaurant side)
  • Omni Berkshire: East 52nd Street entrance
Transportation FROM the New York Hilton

Shuttle buses will depart after the DCAT Annual Dinner beginning at approximately 9:00 PM and will continue to do so until 12:30 AM. Please use the 54th Street exit door of the New York Hilton for return transportation to your pick-up location. Please ask the bus attendant which shuttle bus to board to get you to your proper hotel area. Each bus will return only to the designated pick-up locations as stated above. No additional stops are permitted.