Table Selection Process

Table Selection Process, Sponsorship and Waiting List Policy and Procedure for the 94th DCAT Annual Dinner

Adopted: June 29, 2016, Board of Directors


It is the policy of the DCAT organization that Registered Member Companies that purchased a full table(s) at the previous Annual Dinner (hereinafter referred to as “Eligible Table Holders”) be eligible for a table(s) at the next Annual Dinner. Any Eligible Table Holder that has not renewed their membership by October 31st of each year, will lose the right to participate in the table holders lottery and may be placed on the waiting list for table(s) until dues are paid.

Dinner tables at the 94th DCAT Annual Dinner will be priced as follows:

• Zone 1, Table of 10                                      $6,200.00 (Ballroom Floor)

• Zone 2, Table of 6                                        $3,720.00 (Balcony)

• Zone 3, Table of 10                                      $3,500.00 (Back portion of Ballroom Floor)

The procedure for securing Annual Dinner Table(s) will be in the following phases:

PHASE 1: Confirmations, Relinquishments, Questions and Answers - October 1, 2019 to October 26, 2019

Eligible Table Holders will receive a letter from DCAT on or about October 1st outlining the key dates and information for the 2019 Annual Dinner table selection process. Eligible Table Holders must determine if they want to continue to attend the DCAT Annual Dinner, release any of their tables, or change their table location to a lower or higher price point. Eligible Table Holders will have until October 25, 2019 to make this decision. If an Eligible Table Holder does not advise DCAT of any change requests, it will be assumed that the Eligible Table Holder wants to move forward with the lottery and selection procedure.

Requests for changes will be made on a first-come, first-served basis and DCAT cannot guarantee that tables in all zones will be available.

PHASE 2: Lottery Determining the Order for Selection of Tables - November 14, 2019

The Lottery shall determine the order in which Eligible Table Holders in Zones 1, 2 and 3 will select their table(s) location. The Lottery will take place at DCAT headquarters in Robbinsville, NJ and will be made available live to any Eligible Table Holder via a Go-To-Webinar session. The Lottery will be managed by DCAT staff.

Member companies do not have to be present during the lottery. The list of companies, in the order in which they will select, will be posted immediately following the webinar on

PHASE 3: Table Selection Process - December 3 – 4, 2019:

Eligible Table Holders will select their table(s) beginning with the lowest lottery number. On the date and time specified, a representative for your company will join the Go-To-Webinar session to select your table(s). The table(s) you select will be marked and therefore no longer available to others. This procedure will continue until all tables are selected in each zone.

Please note:  In December of 2016, the DCAT Board of Directors determined a new practice that allows the member company, that has the highest lottery number and last pick of table(s) for the prior Annual Dinner, to select their table(s) first for the upcoming Annual Dinner.  

Should a member company representative be unable to attend the webinar session, they may elect to have the DCAT Executive Director choose for them by pre-arranged written consent.

If the representative for the Eligible Table Holder does not participate at the time specified, a table(s) will be chosen for them by the DCAT Executive Director.

The procedure for the lottery and selection process will be repeated each year. Member companies will not occupy the same table every year, giving all members an opportunity to sit in different locations.

Member companies that are not Eligible Table Holders and would like to purchase tables or single seats, may request to be added to the wait list and follow the wait list procedure. Eligible Table Holders requesting an additional table(s) may request to be added to the wait list and follow the wait list procedure. However, these requests will not be satisfied until the selection process is completed by all Eligible Table Holders.

PHASE 4: Invoices, Payments and Cancellations:

After the Table Selection Process, all Table Holders will receive an invoice through DCAT’s secure online system for reserving and paying for your Annual Dinner Table(s). The invoice will display the Zone number where your table(s) are located along with the total amount due.


Each year, a designated number of tables will be reserved for member companies that would like to be an Annual Dinner Sponsor. The Sponsor Zone tables for the 94th DCAT Annual Dinner are located in the first two rows of Zone 1 and are $6,200 per table, which is not considered part of the sponsorship fee. Sponsorship may be limited at times and therefore table assignments in the Sponsor Zone will be on a first-come, first-served basis.

An Annual Dinner Sponsor that is an Eligible Table Holder may elect to have one table in the Sponsor Zone. It is not mandatory. If the Sponsor holds more than one table, other tables outside the Sponsor Zone table(s) are subject to the lottery and the selection procedure as stated above.

A member company that opts to be an Annual Dinner Sponsor, but is not an Eligible Table Holder may have one table in the Sponsor Zone if available. However, the sponsorship and payment for the table in the Sponsor Zone does not automatically entitle the member company to a table in any zone the following year unless they were awarded a table through the wait list process. 


On or after November 1st of each year, member companies may request to have their names added to the wait list for a table(s) at the Annual Dinner. Member companies must ask to be added to the wait list each year.

Tables will be provided to member companies based on such factors as the number of consecutive years they have asked to be placed on the waiting list, a record of support for the DCAT organization, and the number of years as a member company.

A member company that was on the wait list and receives a table will automatically be included in the lottery and selection process for that table’s zone the following year.


Member companies may purchase up to four seats at the Annual Dinner. Availability is not guaranteed and will be announced via email to the membership and on the DCAT website.

On or after November 1st of each year, member companies may request to have their names added to the wait list for up to four seats, which will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.