Second Floor Hotel Policy

DCAT Member Company Access-Only at the InterContinental Barclay Hotel

The DCAT organization has made an exclusive buy-out of key sections of the InterContinental Barclay for the 2022 DCAT Week event. Representatives of non-Member Companies will not be permitted to access or utilize the Ballrooms, Member Lounge, and pre-function areas located on the 2nd floor of this hotel. Only Registered DCAT Member Company representatives will be entitled to utilize the 2nd floor.

Representatives of non-Member Companies who have scheduled meetings with DCAT Member Companies whose business meeting spaces are located on the 2nd-floor (Rockefeller, Morgan, Astor, and Vanderbilt) are requested to take the Lexington Avenue elevators from the hotel lobby to the 2nd floor. That will provide easier access to our Member Company's business meeting spaces. Please refer to signage to locate those meetings.

Access for DCAT Member Companies:

  • DCAT Member Company representatives wishing to come to the Ballroom and Member Lounge areas must wear an official DCAT Week Member Name Badge. Member badges are available by pre-registration or onsite at the Barclay Room (DCAT Office, lobby level) and the Lotte NY Palace member lounge (located in the Villard Room, 2nd floor, main hotel).
  • Any DCAT Week attendees wishing to access the restrooms on the 2nd floor of the InterContinental Barclay are asked to do so by using the Lexington Avenue side elevators in the lobby.
  • DCAT Week attendees using the center elevators located off the landing of the Grand Staircase should note that these elevators will not stop on the 2nd floor Ballroom Level.
  • Access to the 2nd level of the Grand Staircase (beyond the landing) will only be for DCAT Member Company representatives wearing the official DCAT Week Member Name Badge.
  • The DCAT organization and its representatives reserve the right to deny access to those who are not registered members of the Drug, Chemical & Associated Technologies Association, Inc.