Member Company Announcement Forum Podium Time Criteria

Podium Time Presentation Criteria

Presenter: The presenter must be a senior executive of a registered DCAT member company in corporate management or operations related to the announcement. The presentation may not be made by marketing, sales, business development, or communication professionals.    

Presentation: The presentation must be recent (2020) news in the following areas:

  • Key corporate strategic developments for 2020
  • Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), including post-M&A integration
  • Significant manufacturing expansions, including updated timelines for completion and launch

Note that announcements prior to January 2020 must include updated timelines for completion or in the case of M&A announcements, updates of post-M&A integration. 

Presentations must:

  • Be informative and factual, akin to an investor presentation, not a marketing or client presentation. Marketing-based presentations will not be accepted.
  • Be specific as to the news development; for example, manufacturing investments should provide amount of the investment (dollar amount and/or amount of capacity addition).
  • Lead with the news development. The audience is well-informed and knowledgeable about companies, so it is interested in the news development not a listing of company capabilities.
  • Explain the strategic rationale for the news development to provide context. 
  • Be no longer than 10 minutes.

Examples of presentations that will not be considered:

  • New product announcement
  • Progression of a drug candidate or a drug-development program
  • Overview and/or trends of a specific market
  • Partnering or supply pacts between companies if no further news, such as co-investment or acquisition of a manufacturing facility, is part of the announcement
  • Mergers and acquisitions/expansion prior to January 2020 that do not include updated timelines
  • Internal company reorganization

Application process: Companies interested in applying for podium time may submit an online application by February 3, 2020. Further details, including the online application, may be found here.

Application notification process: The DCAT Member Company Announcement Oversight Task Force will review applications to evaluate whether a given news announcement will receive podium time. Applicants will be notified in February 2020 by the DCAT staff liaison for the Forum, Erin Sanders, Sr. Communications & Technology Specialist, +1-609-208-1888, ext. 7001, or


Questions? Contact Erin Sanders, Sr. Communications & Technology Specialist, +1-609-208-1888, ext. 7001, or