Annual Dinner FAQs

How can my company reserve a table for the Annual Dinner?

Each year DCAT offers the right of first refusal to current dinner table holders. Due to high demand, we request that if your member company is interested in a table, and you did not have a table for the 91st DCAT Annual Dinner (held in March 2017), that you contact us and join our waiting list. Information about available tables and individual seating will be made available in December, after the table selection process has concluded.

Member companies can request to be added to the dinner table waiting list by contacting Brooke DiGiuseppe at or 1-609-208-1888 ext. 7011.

Can non-members attend the dinner?

Yes. However, only DCAT member companies can reserve a table or reserve individual seats.

Do I need to pre-register the guests who will be at our table?

Yes, all guests who are attending the event need to be pre-registered by the designated table holder contact using the DCAT Annual Dinner registration portal (opening in mid-December). We encourage that all guests are registered, with their selected meal choice, no later than March 15th. Individuals who are not wearing an Annual Dinner badge will not be allowed entry into the ballroom.

I was invited as a guest to attend the dinner. How do I receive my dinner badge?

The designated dinner table contact for the company hosting your table will have your Annual Dinner badge, unless he or she has contacted the DCAT office to make other arrangements.

I am the designated dinner table contact. Where can I pick up my table’s Annual Dinner badges?

Designated dinner table contacts can pick up their table’s dinner badges during DCAT Week at the DCAT Office in the InterContinental. If you plan to have individuals from your table pick up their own badge, you must contact the DCAT office in Robbinsville (+1-609-208-1888) in advance to let us know. We only distribute badges to the designated table holder. More information will be available this fall.

Who will be the 92nd DCAT Annual Dinner speaker?

The DCAT organization is pleased to have Will Smith as its Annual Dinner speaker this year. Click here to read more.

How can I make changes to the guests I have registered for my table?

Designated dinner table contacts should always use DCAT’s proprietary online dinner badge system to add or change badges using their unique password up until Thursday, March 22nd at 5:30 p.m.

Does the New York Hilton Midtown offer vegetarian options?


My guests need hotel accommodations. Will DCAT have a room block at the New York Hilton Midtown?

Yes. Information regarding sleeping rooms for the DCAT Annual Dinner will become available this fall. Please check back for details.

I was invited to attend a post-dinner hospitality event. Do I need to register in advance?

If you are attending the dinner, there is no need to register for any post-hospitality event hosted by a DCAT member company. If you are not attending the dinner but would like to attend the post-hospitality events at the New York Hilton Midtown sponsored by DCAT member companies, special badges can be obtained in the foyer of the hotel beginning at 9:30 p.m. that evening to give you access to the upper floors.

Will DCAT be providing transportation to the New York Hilton Midtown from Official DCAT Week Hotels again?

Yes. All transportation information, including pick-up locations and times, will be made available in January. Please check back for details.