Table Policy for the DCAT Annual Dinner

March 24, 2022, New York Hilton Mid-Town Hotel

DCAT Member Companies selected their table(s) via the lottery and table selection process held in December 2019.  After the cancellation of the 2020 event and a determination to cancel the 2021 event, Table Holder Contacts received an email in August of 2020 asking if they wanted their Table Registration Fee refunded or rolled over and applied to the 2022 event.  Also, at that time, Member Companies rolling over their fees were advised of the following:

  • They would retain their table position as selected in the November 2019 lottery and selection process.
  • They would not be subject to any increase in table fees for the 2022 event.

A majority of DCAT Member Companies elected to roll over their Annual Dinner Table registration fees and apply them to the 2022 event.  At its’ monthly meeting in November of 2021, the DCAT Board of Directors established a temporary policy regarding Annual Dinner Table placements for 2022:

  • Member Companies who rolled over their registration fee can retain the same table position.
  • However, due to some Member Companies vacating their table(s) and requesting refunds, several tables became available, which some may feel would be more desirable for their company.
  • The DCAT staff will review the current table position of each Member Company using the same order established by the lottery in November of 2019.  Then, the staff will determine if a move might be desirable and advise the Member Company accordingly.
  • After that is completed, the staff will also do the same for any Member Company who purchased a table(s) for the 2020 dinner event after the completion of the 2019 lottery and table selection process.
  • The remaining Annual Dinner Tables will be available for purchase by Member Companies after the staff process, and Member Company notifications are completed.
  • Available Tables will be priced as follows:
    • Grand Ballroom, Zone 1, Table of 10: $6,400.00
    • Grand Ballroom Balcony, Zone 2, Table of 6: $3,920.00
    • Grand Ballroom, Zone 3, Table of 10: $3,700.00
  • The DCAT organization will resume its traditional lottery and table selection process in November of 2022 for the Annual Dinner in 2023.

Established by the DCAT Board of Directors, November 17, 2021