DCAT Statement on Refunds for DCAT Annual Dinner 2020 and 2021

We are certainly disappointed that we could not hold the DCAT Annual Dinner in both 2020 and 2021. However, we greatly appreciated our many member companies who secured tables in support of this DCAT Week tradition.

As the organization looks forward to DCAT Week and the Annual Dinner in 2022, the following policies will be in place regarding the Annual Dinner event.  Carefully review the information below so you can determine how best to manage your Annual Dinner table(s) and payment:

  • Roll-Over Credits: Member companies who had their 2020 table(s) payment credited to 2021 may have that rolled-over to 2022. Members wanting to roll these credits over do not need to contact the DCAT office.
  • Member companies who requested a credit for the table(s) for 2021 but would like a refund should contact Carol Lee at (856) 388-2963. If your payment was made via wire, please be sure to supply your wire transfer information.
  • Member Companies who selected table(s) in 2020 and retained their credit for a table(s) may keep the table position selected in 2020 or may request to move to any vacated table(s) available before the general table lottery.
  • Member companies requesting a roll-over of their credit will not be charged any increase for 2022.
  • Member companies requesting a refund will not retain their table(s) position for the Annual Dinner in 2022 and will be part of the general lottery of remaining tables.