Member Lounge Policy

The DCAT organization has three member lounges in the following hotels:

  • InterContinental New York Barclay 
  • Omni Berkshire Place
  • Lotte New York Palace 

Both DCAT and the member companies who sponsor these lounges, the WiFi and beverage service, expect members to utilize this space for a break between meetings - to have a coffee, check email or just relax during what is often a hectic few days. We all look forward to meeting you there for those purposes.

The lounges cannot be utilized for customer or client meetings. Since there can be no guarantee of privacy, member companies doing so put their critical business information at risk. From an organizational perspective, it can also raise the perception that there is intent to share confidential information with other member companies, which is in direct conflict with DCAT's bylaws and antitrust policy.

In order to protect both our members and the organization, we must request that you do not hold business meetings in the DCAT Member Lounges. If we perceive that a member is conducting a business meeting in the lounge, our staff will be forced to ask them to leave. We would hate to put any of our member companies in such an uncomfortable position, so we appreciate your understanding in advance.

Thank you for your cooperation.